Hair FLAIR® is a new range of vitamin supplements aimed at making you look and feel AMAZING! 


Pleased to report that this product really works and my hair has thickened up considerably over the last 6 months. Had a go with lots of hair supplements but this seems to be the best I have tried. No complaints.- Hair Flair Woman

This is my third month of taking this supplement and after having been in a near state of panic over my hair loss. The Hair Flair supplements have definitely improved the thickness of my hair. I didn't want to just use products or shampoos that made my hair 'appear' thicker, I wanted genuine thickness and it is noticeably improving and has given me so much hope and more confidence. I have also been using a Biotin shampoo. - Hair Flair Woman

I’m really delighted with how this supplement has helped with my hair - with all the swimming and running I do, the condition of my hair was very thin and dry, and now has much more body and condition - i can actually do something with it now! So pleased. It’s actually had an effect on my nails too! - Hair Flair Woman

This product is amazing! Just finished my first month and I have loads of new hair growth and my hair feels so soft and shiny! I've Recommended it to friends and family.- Hair Flair Woman

Very good value and fast delivery. Packaged really well, excellent price. Good quality product, am very much looking forward to seeing the effect it will have on my skin and nails. So far so good! -  Hair Flair, Skin and Nails

This product has made my skin look brighter, I have used it for a week now so will post again after a month or so -  Hair Flair, Skin and Nails

I've been taking the hair vitamins for several months now as I began to experience hair loss soon after turning 50. I've noticed not only that I am loosing less hair now but also that the condition of my hair has greatly improved as it's softer and shinier. - Hair Flair Woman

I have very fine hair and since taking these I have noticed a difference in how the thickness and volume of my hair feels, it's also more manageable too. Great product. Hair Flair Man

Previously used supplements which was imported, far more expensive and less effective, even though it did actually work. I'm delighted that this British product is very sensibly priced and gives excellent value. It works more effectively and MUCH faster, which confirms the producers' claim of providing greater strength than others do. It's an excellent treatment for hair and nails. I recommend it wholeheartedly. -  Hair Flair, Skin and Nails

So far, no further hair loss, but it is early days and biotin is recommended for hair loss so I'm expecting good things. - Hair Flair Woman

Really good hair products. I was thinning badly on the top of my forehead and now hair is re growing after 2 months.Hair Flair Man

Wasn't expecting such a quick result, but the condition of my hair improves daily! will definitely be purchasing more, highly recommended. - Hair Flair Woman

Only been using for 3 weeks, but hair loss seems to have dramatically slowed down already.Very happy with the product, will repurchase. - Hair Flair Woman

I have been in consistently taking Hair, Skin and Nail supplements for four months. I'm working on getting better with daily routine. That being said, when I am taking them consistently, my nails are the strongest they have been in my life. Since I was a child I have wanted long nails, these pills make it possible. -  Hair Flair, Skin and Nails

An excellent priced product in comparison to High Street prices. It was also followed up by a fantastic and unexpected 'speedy' delivery service. I will not hesitate to re-order future products. Hair Flair Man

Great for both nails and hair. I am actually growing and undercut and was looking for a better supplement than bear/hair vitamins - this was recommended by a stylist.-  Hair Flair, Skin and Nails

Great for hair loss, iv'e seen a little difference in only 2 weeks. Hair Flair Man

Losing weight has never been easy for me, but it's not impossible. I've finally had success thanks to Flair for Detox and a daily exercise routine. - Flair for Detox

Okay... So like everyone else, I took a chance, and it was a good one because Flair for Detox works:) I'm crazy happy with results so far, my appetite is way down, no side effects at all, finally found a product that works for me.- Flair for Detox

Flair for Detox helped cut weight over the course of 3 weeks! Great product I would highly recommend.  - Flair for Detox